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Originally Posted by Kimbo416 View Post
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I went to Darren because of this write up. I am thoroughly pleased as a result.

Glad you found this post useful. I actually brought my car in recently for a oil change and a annoying noise whenever I went over big speed bumps and occasionally when I made a turn from a stopped position. Sounded like I was bottoming out and scraping mud flaps (except that I don't have any) or grinding something. I did a bit of research in forums and it seemed like the culprit were sway bar bushings. Apparently very common in the E90 3-series. I originally figured I'd just have them changed.

Darren checked it out to ensure it was still safe to drive. Instead of replacing them, he suggested a more cost effective approach would be to grease them well and see if the noise went away.

Needless to say, after he greased them, the first thing I did was hit a few speed bumps at various speeds to bounce the car and check if the noise persisted. Glad to say the noise is gone for now. If the noise comes back I'll have him change the sway bar bushings to Polyurethane versus the stock rubber BMW OEM ones that are there now.

Another satisfied repeat customer !
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