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Originally Posted by saltpetre View Post
a 2007 335i bmw coupe for 21500. 99000kms on it. prem/sport package.

take it to a BMW dealership and have it checked out.

this car is within my budget and the mileage vs the price is very competitive.

they also offered me a third party warranty for $900 a year which apparently will cover everything.
If you like the car and within your budget,

get the repair history(Important; when was ISP 2 done, tourbo rweplace? etc etc)

get a PPI by any of the sponsors here( Necessary)

3rd party warranty, does not covers EVERYTHING, ask dealer to put it in writing if he says so,

when everything checks out (PPI) by the it and enjoy....

CPO cars by BMW dealership is at least 3 to 4 thousand more and I doubt it covers bumper to bumper too.
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