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Originally Posted by mkgino View Post
How many miles and how much did u pay?
101K Miles. Clean as a whistle. I paid a lot more than the market value given this car's showroom condition and rare colour combination, also factoring duties, taxes, freight, flight and hotel costs.
Originally Posted by kenmar View Post
I was thinking about picking up the E39 M5 that was posted here a few months ago (the one with the caramel interior ). But I came back to reality after I did a bit of research and found out that it would get the same fuel economy as my full-size pickup ($100 fill-ups!). Admittedly, you can get around the fuel costs by having another DD (saving the M5 as a garage queen, which doesn't seem like a bad idea), but the real deal killer for me was the engine carbonization problem and the costly remedy. AFAIK, there is no guaranteed way to prevent the problem or to repair it without incurring labour-intensive dismantling.
It's only 5L more than an E46 gas tank FYI. And they're not bad on gas at all. I got 350km on a half tank. Carbonization is not even that widespread - just find a clean, well cared for car and you're set.
Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
Sounds like you wanted reasons NOT to get one, so you picked two that are actually not reasons at all.
Lol. Precisely.
Originally Posted by SiR View Post
very nice pick up though I wouldve preferred caramel interior.
Nah, I'm not old enough to be surrounded by a beige interior...
Originally Posted by damameke View Post
I agree with this statement.. anytime when one buys a car that requires premium gas, cost saving is out the windows... you want the power, you have to pay to play...
Originally Posted by AW11 View Post
Mind PMing me your shipping company's information? Looking to my car out to Vancouver instead of driving all the way there.

They don't operate in Canada. I shipped it from Portland to Buffalo, and drove across.
Originally Posted by Jim .E. View Post
lookin good bud. shitty to see the windshield mishap on fbook today.
Thank Jimmy. The windshield bullsh*t was on the '11 GLK not the E39. I'd have been furious if it was the M5. MB wants $1200 to fix it, FML. Just my luck, the most random BS usually happens to me.
Originally Posted by ///M-TRD3 View Post
Congratulations Anuk. My all time favourite 5 series, which I intend to own as well sooner or later. IMO, BMW has never managed to top the E39 M5 in overall appeal.
Thanks Sheldon. This car is perfection, IMO. I love everything about it! It can be a civilized, comfortable, cruiser or an absolute axe murderer. What a machine!
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