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The shocks are Suspension Techniques (STsuspension). Fronts are ST marked AL-KO 8716GKN4204 and are 24" overall with 5" of travel. Rears are ST PN 6122008 and also marked AL-KO Sport 61220008 and 1092GKN4605 and are 24" overall with 7" of travel. These shocks are much stiffer than Bilstein Sports. The Springs are red H&R Race Springs, and also very stiff. The H&R Race front springs are normally 315 lbs per inch (someone corrected me here - thanks), but being cut they are somewhat higher rate...maybe 350? The fronts are cut so they drop the front of the car about 2". I also have drop hats for even more drop. The rears drop the rear of the car about 1.5". All in excellent working condition. I will get some pictures up soon. I would be willing to trade the race springs for a set of H&R Sport springs.

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