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Some more pics after a 3.5hr winter time half-assed detail from this morning. The temperatures were far too cold for using real waxes and polish, so I had to settle for spray on stuff from my stash. Not a bad outcome IMO.

Vaccumed the interior; wiped down: interior, door+trunk jambs/seals/linings, engine bay, wheel arches, sideskirt underbody. Ignore the messy garage, lol.


Originally Posted by Bliss View Post
Congrats Anuk. Looking good buddy!

Imola ftw
Imola Red is just so ridiculously sexy. I can't wait to polish it in the Spring.
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In case you were wondering, 126 Imola on Extended Imola M5s were made.
Nice! I was curious about the production numbers. Thanks for that info.
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Congrats buddy. At least you don't have to dye the interior red again
Lmao, yes. No 40+hrs of painstaking manual labor this time.
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wow didn't expect you to get a e39 M5. I was thinking you were going the E92 route.

Gorgeous car, congratulations!!
Some day I'll have an E93 M3. But they're too rich for my blood right now.
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Here's where I'm tripping out.

So I click your E46F link, read your romantic BS (<3) and scroll down for the pics. I see this one first:


Huh, weird. How did a full sized Cadillac ad get in the middle of his post? Then I look at the pic more closely. Wait a minute, you emailed me that pic of Oregon last week. Hold up, is that an overlayed ad that somehow perfectly lined up with the scenery in Anuk's original photo?

So I click the big X.


Wow. Biggest mindf*ck EVER. Holy crap.
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Hi, my name is Ivan, I'm a drunk and a cad, and I approved this thread.
Haha, good to see you're still around bro!
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Congrats man! I remember you saying "I have no plans to sell my car...", just this past cruise.

I wasn't sure when I saw the for sale thread, but I understand now! Looking forward to seeing you at the open season.
I came to my senses and couldn't pass this car up. I'd have regretted it, otherwise.
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Did he really do that?
Where can you get that done?
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