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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
LOL, so that makes, making a kill shot, acceptable.

You're the best dude. Pure genius. Ya I don't know shit. That's right. I guess I need to be a lawyer, or a judge, before I can make an informed opinion what is right or wrong. Yep, those lawyers, they sure know what time it is. Better than we do!

I guess dropping bombs on people is also right because our President/Prime minister says it's okay to do so.. Who am I to criticize, I don't know shit!

You're such a little lamb, lemming, troll. So indoctrinated. It's actually rather sad that people like you exist.. That you just take whatever is said at face value and don't have the ability to look at it in any more depth.
You're NOT informed. Holy **** get that through your head, you don't know the story as well as you're convinced you do. Typical elitist internet troll, an expert on every subject and the go-to governing opinion.

You're definitely allowed to criticize, but you're not the final say on whether or not something is justified.

And you're such a free and clear thinking progressive individual, I'm so glad we have someone with so much insight and knowledge to keep the narrow minded lemmings such as myself in check.

Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Wow. 1/5 of your 25 years of life. Incredible. Did you happen to be between the ages of 1 to 5 years old when you did???

Really, you saw attrocities I guess when you were 5 years old. You must really remmeber those. Please tell me about the 1/5th of your life outside of Canada. I would like to hear mroe about this..

Some 25 year old asshole is going to tell us that he spent his life abroad and saw attrocities. And where did you go by the way?
You know me so well, I'll let you carry on making assumptions about me all you'd like.

Mass executions? You don't think we arrested people for no reason? Lol go back 60 years when we held that Japanese in detention centres.
The crimes against natives/indians in our few hundred years of history.
We aren't perfect either.
And Canada is still doing that? All of the civilized world has advanced a lot in the last half century, yet some countries are still decades, if not centuries behind us. That was what the comparison was to, not 60 years ago.

You still don't get it. We are condemning the use of LETHAL force in this video. In 99.99% of police encounters LETHAL force is not required. But it is used because the police have their own predisposed BELIEFS, and make terrible judgement calls. That's what you don't understand.
I do get it, I just think you're wrong. The cops had already tried to subdue him prior to a final, more precisely placed shot to kill this guy. The shots prior to were having no affect and one cop who claims he didn't see another cop disarm him thought he was still a threat, so he acted as he felt was necessary. Not my words, nor am I claiming that justifies it...not my call, but you seem to think it's yours.....intredasting. You should get a costume and fight crime.

Then people like you believe they made the right call because the police union hires a good lawyer and suddenly - according to you anyway - the lawyers have the appropriate credentials to decide whether killing someone is right or wrong.
An argument that relies 100% on the assumption a corrupt system is in place, cute.

And yes, the lawyers are in a better position as they have access to 100% of the information besides you, a keyboard lawyer with a youtube account. Judge Sirex to the rescue, no need for evidence and witnesses....he has youtube.

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