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Originally Posted by calegrant View Post
I've spent 1/5th of my 25 years of life outside the country, yes I've seen places much worse than Canada. Your argument is you're going to assume I haven't, cute.
Wow. 1/5 of your 25 years of life. Incredible. Did you happen to be between the ages of 1 to 5 years old when you did???

Really, you saw attrocities I guess when you were 5 years old. You must really remmeber those. Please tell me about the 1/5th of your life outside of Canada. I would like to hear mroe about this..

Some 25 year old asshole is going to tell us that he spent his life abroad and saw attrocities. And where did you go by the way?

Has it? Let me know the last time mass executions took place in Canada.
Mass executions? You don't think we arrested people for no reason? Lol go back 60 years when we held that Japanese in detention centres.
The crimes against natives/indians in our few hundred years of history.
We aren't perfect either.

You do need credentials to decide whether or not it was justified, that's why it went to court you jackass. You also need to know the entire story, which you do not. Stop thinking everyone's wrong because they don't give a yay or nay after a 3 minute youtube clip.

Where did I say I'm right? I admitted that I'm not in the position to make the call whether or not the shooting was justified. You however seem to think you are based on a 3 minute video clip, who's the arrogant one here? You can't say because someone was on the ground that shooting them was wrong, you don't have access to all the information therefore you cannot possibly be the jury on this.
Oh ya, the guy on the ground had a machine gun in his jacket that he was reaching for.

What's scary is someone like you who's so quick to condemn instead of hearing the whole story. I say someone like you because so many are quick to pass a verdict of guilty to any cop who uses violence. I admit that some of the laws recently passed giving cops authority are bogus, but I reiterate that there is a huge gap between our current state of affairs and the problems true police stats are facing.
You still don't get it. We are condemning the use of LETHAL force in this video. In 99.99% of police encounters LETHAL force is not required. But it is used because the police have their own predisposed BELIEFS, and make terrible judgement calls. That's what you don't understand. Then people like you believe they made the right call because the police union hires a good lawyer and suddenly - according to you anyway - the lawyers have the appropriate credentials to decide whether killing someone is right or wrong.
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