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Originally Posted by calegrant View Post

The judicial system, not cops but lawyers came to the conclusions that have left the officer uncharged. Are the courts now in on it too?
LOL, so that makes, making a kill shot, acceptable.

You're the best dude. Pure genius. Ya I don't know shit. That's right. I guess I need to be a lawyer, or a judge, before I can make an informed opinion what is right or wrong. Yep, those lawyers, they sure know what time it is. Better than we do!

I guess dropping bombs on people is also right because our President/Prime minister says it's okay to do so.. Who am I to criticize, I don't know shit!

You're such a little lamb, lemming, troll. So indoctrinated. It's actually rather sad that people like you exist.. That you just take whatever is said at face value and don't have the ability to look at it in any more depth.

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