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Originally Posted by ericdalinda View Post
No wonder you dont like Rob Ford.

your a downtown PINKO, who in actuality rides his one speed to work and hate the fact that they removed the bike lanes on Jarvis even though you dont even bike along jarvis. You probably wear thick framed glasses because its trendy.

you go to the "Early Morning Bean Coffee House" for your morning brew because Tim Hortons and Starbucks are "evil corporations". You go to that same coffee house friday nights with all your pinko friends to listen to some no name artist play about his guitar, and inbetween breaks you get high because it "enlightens your spirit".

calegrants words are true what he has said about third world countries, and what you stated about your; job, lifestyle, place of residence. only reaffirms calegrants point.


I like how you try to be smart. If you read my post, then anyone with half a brain would see that I am not a pinko. I just bragged about getting a huge salary and a promotion. Pinko's that ride 1 speed bikes, hate "Corporations", smoke pot and listen to name artists on their guitar are usually hippies without jobs.

When someone misses the mark so bad, just like you have, I question your ability to put 2 and 2 together. It's quite interesting that some one that proclaims that Rob Ford is great, and agrees so strongly with MR Calegrant, can't use basic logic to figure people out.

What am I trying to say here? It's hilarious that you MISS the mark on me so badly.. I wonder what else you don't seem to understand/comprehend.
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