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Originally Posted by Schnitz View Post
Exhaust cutout looks to DIY. Wheels are very generic.
I appreciate your goal but I think the path there could have been better thought out.
He biggest impact you can have on any car is the stance. Lowering and wheels should be your first step and all the peripheral stuff can be done later.
I completely disagree about the 19's. I personally think 18's with a nice drop is perfect for a 5 series.
a agree with you 100% i did take a slighter more complicated route
the exhaust is getting modified as we speak for a proper cut out and exhaust tips.
also i wanted to keep the car normal height for the coming winter. once its over the acs springs will be put in and that will lower it a bit. i dont really like slammed cars, the are good looking but parked on on smooth roads, i want the car to be practical and be able to drive it in different environments.
as for the rims i like these ones for now once i can afford a real ACS set i will make the purchase but until then they are staying
and i agree i am not at all a fan of big rims 18's is as big as i will go because most of your ride quality come from the thickness of the timers and i want to have a comfortable ride not not feel like in a hose carriage.

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