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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Any sort of real conversation with you turns into making these rediculous comparisons. You do this in all of your posts.
You mean like bmdbley's comparison of Canada to countries which are true police states?

Great comparisons here. I love how you talk about 3rd world countries. So because our cops don't beat us into submission on the side of the street, or line us up infront of firing squads, we should sit quiet and agree with whatever they do?
Feel free to read further back where I laughed at the OP's attempt to call Canada a police state. Canada is nothing like a true police state, corruption amongst athorities is not absolute power, it is simply mismanagement of people.

What world have you travelled?

Have you? Bold statements. For someone that grew up probably in Canada. Lived the in the comfort of their mom and dads place, went to school, etc.... Wow..
I've spent 1/5th of my 25 years of life outside the country, yes I've seen places much worse than Canada. Your argument is you're going to assume I haven't, cute.

That happens everywhere. It's happened here before.
Has it? Let me know the last time mass executions took place in Canada.

So basically unless you've gone through tragedy you can't talk about corruption and shit going on here?
You can talk about corruption, just don't assume the entire system is corrupt because of a few bad apples.

No, but when you rights are being stripped away slowly and surely, what do you call that?
I don't call it a police state, nor should you. Misuse of words ftl.

Ya it's for the police union to decide right? Or maybe the corrupt politicians?
Whats the point of shooting someone anywhere but the solar plexis or the head?? The purpose is to disable them.
So it's corruption because the large group of professionals (lawyers, experts and other court members) who had access to infinitely more than you did with your 3 minute video came to a different conclusion? Talk about being predisposed to belief.

You need credentials to determine what is morally right and morrally wrong? you need credentials to decide who lives or dies? If thats the case, what credentials does an officer have to make that final judgement on a life?

Someone with a high school diploma decides who lives or dies? When someone is acting bad enough to be head shot??? Really?????? That's the decider now is it?
You do need credentials to decide whether or not it was justified, that's why it went to court you jackass. You also need to know the entire story, which you do not. Stop thinking everyone's wrong because they don't give a yay or nay after a 3 minute youtube clip.

lol, you're out to lunch man. but hey whatever man. You're right. You're so smart. You have credentials a mile long. You and those police officers.

Where did I say I'm right? I admitted that I'm not in the position to make the call whether or not the shooting was justified. You however seem to think you are based on a 3 minute video clip, who's the arrogant one here? You can't say because someone was on the ground that shooting them was wrong, you don't have access to all the information therefore you cannot possibly be the jury on this.

Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro View Post
lol, sad. out of all thats been posted/shown you use 'inappropritate comments' (like that was the only thing displayed) as a rebuttal to my valid points. its like a form of 'gaslighting', look it up, its a common tactic of psychopaths. in fact your lack of empathy displays sociopathy. but hey thats just my worthless opinion. anywho i should just stop & not bother engaging in discussion with you as you would seem to barely meet the prerequisites of being a homo sapien

So I'm a sociopath because I don't jump the gun and throw this cop under the bus after seeing a grainy video with no additional information? Riiiiight.

What's scary is someone like you who's so quick to condemn instead of hearing the whole story. I say someone like you because so many are quick to pass a verdict of guilty to any cop who uses violence. I admit that some of the laws recently passed giving cops authority are bogus, but I reiterate that there is a huge gap between our current state of affairs and the problems true police stats are facing.

As for my inappropriate comments reply, that was in a reply to that post and was me laughing at you thinking that strengthened your call of a police state.

I actually watch most of the videos you post if they're in threads I decide to post in. Your assumption that I don't give a shit/am scared (wtf, of what?weak attempt at insult is weak) because I come to a different conclusion than you is a sign of your arrogance. If someone doesn't think like you, they're wrong and narrow minded. You're such a special snowflake.
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