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Here is the break down of you lunacy.

You think a small handful of cops abusing their authority is comparable to the shit that goes on in third world countries by cops and their government? Quit with the sensationalizing, it's NOTHING like what goes on in South America/Africa/Middle East/Asia.
Great comparisons here. I love how you talk about 3rd world countries. So because our cops don't beat us into submission on the side of the street, or line us up infront of firing squads, we should sit quiet and agree with whatever they do?

Let me know when you've traveled the world and have seen first hand true evil being perpetrated by those who are supposed to protect you, and then maybe I'll pay more mind to your cries.
What world have you travelled?

Have you even experienced every bit of your freedom being stripped away and treated like a piece of dirt?
Have you? Bold statements. For someone that grew up probably in Canada. Lived the in the comfort of their mom and dads place, went to school, etc.... Wow..

I've got a friend who lost half of his family brutally at the hands of a corrupt government, he's lucky to have escaped with his life.
That happens everywhere. It's happened here before.

Please let me know when you've gone through such things, again...maybe then you can say it's comparable.
So basically unless you've gone through tragedy you can't talk about corruption and shit going on here?

Is their behavior excusable? Absolutely not, and I think any cop found guilty of a criminal act no matter the scale should be shit-canned. It still doesn't mean we're in a police state when a small fraction of an organization is partaking in this stuff. If you think the west is all of a sudden going to turn into a 3rd world dictatorship because you get pepper-sprayed whilst protesting you're a fool.
No, but when you rights are being stripped away slowly and surely, what do you call that?

50+ witnesses who didn't have an already shot violent man crawling towards them while having a gun pointed at him. Was it excessive? That's not for you or I to decide, and that's your problem.
Ya it's for the police union to decide right? Or maybe the corrupt politicians?
Whats the point of shooting someone anywhere but the solar plexis or the head?? The purpose is to disable them.

You seem to think your comprehension of the incident is superior to those who make understanding and breaking down the events in situations like this their career, you're arrogant as shit with no credentials to back it up.
You need credentials to determine what is morally right and morrally wrong? you need credentials to decide who lives or dies? If thats the case, what credentials does an officer have to make that final judgement on a life?

Someone with a high school diploma decides who lives or dies? When someone is acting bad enough to be head shot??? Really?????? That's the decider now is it?

I can tell you right now as a person who values my life quite highly, I'd gladly put a bullet in someone who's shown to have no concern for the welfare of others and coming at me (especially after already being shot), mentally ill or not.
Someone that is mentally ill, gets shot and disabled. He is on the floor. So you put a bullet in his head because you feel.... what exactly?? You're scared? WtF?

Cops aren't allowed to hold their lives in value either? The law disagree's with you, they're just as entitled as a civilian to put their welfare first over anyone else's, they volunteer to go into harms way.
Judge Dredd I guess.. The cop was feeling scared so decided to shoot them. Where do you draw the line??? Where/when does the cop decide it's ok to end someone.

I imagine had another cop ran up and kicked this guy in the side of the head to apprehend him you'd still be crying brutality and would have posted a link to it in post #5.
lol, you're out to lunch man. but hey whatever man. You're right. You're so smart. You have credentials a mile long. You and those police officers.


When the going gets tough.... don't think it through logically.. Just blow it up with a nuclear bomb. What does this mean?? this means just explode rather then think your actions through.. Smart.

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