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Originally Posted by calegrant View Post
I have, I never once experienced cops abusing their authority. If I have a run in with them, it was because I was doing something I shouldn't have. I'm sure you and the OP have endless tales about how "the man got ya down"

Tell me more about how hard life is for you living at mom n pops'
LOL never said life was hard. Life is in fact great. I am saving $30,000 this year and paying minimal rent to my parents. I am getting a huge bonus in December. My girlfriend is awesome and she's pretty hot. My parents house is awesome. My parents are awesome. The car my parents let me drive is awesome.

And I live in down town Toronto in an awesome house. Steps from everything. I can go out to the club or bar and literally walk there and back in 20 minutes. I don't have to pay for cabs. I don't even need to pay for TTC.

I walk to work every day in the down town core. I wear a suit to work. I work in a job that I enjoy doing. My bosses all love me. I am slatted to get a promotion quite soon which will increase my income.

My life is pretty awsome and has been for a long time.

So, keep living out in the boonies, or wherever it is and keep telling us your better than thou stories.
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