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Originally Posted by v_bimmer View Post
im sorry to say, but this is one of the ugliest E39s, i have seen in a long time

All your current mods, you can just sum it up as: Ebay special
Originally Posted by TheMadChigga View Post
are you Karl Wolf and born in 92?
Sheeeesh lol ^

It's not too bad man, but in my opinion, their's a bit much going on E39's come from the factory looking great an im sure many bmw lovers would agree, being a bit more simple will help, id recommend looking into a few things, M Rear Bumper for better exhuast placement, maybe paint/or plastidip your chrome trim around the windows, and definitely some tire shine ! I thought my tires looked dry until I saw yours ! lol, but good luck man I love my E39
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