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Originally Posted by BMWdouche View Post
I just discovered RBC (my ins provider) does not cover new riders..

Any thoughts of where to turn?

Also, what's the best way to learn to ride the bike without actually buying one first? I'm going for the M1 soon. But the next step is just to go out to the Kawasaki showroom and test ride a bike without knowing how?

If you have a friend with a small dirt-bike, take it out in a field and get use to riding, clutch, shifting etc....
I would strongly recommend taking the course at Humber or Sheridan, its only what $300ish.....(you will save at least that much on insurance)
No dealership will let you test ride a bike without an M2 or higher.

BUY GOOD RIDING GEAR!!!!!! (Its your life, don't cheap out)

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