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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
It is fine to ask for advice or opinion in this forum pertaining to 335, also if you research enough, you wil know of the known turbo issue and the extension of that warranty.

Each 335 owners experienced different issues on their cars, BMWdouche had a bad experience , hence he posted his regret , on the other hands, there are owners that has little issues.

If you want to get the 335, stick to a budget that you are comfortable in paying, get the maintenance history(when the turbo unit was replaced and how many times) get a PPI, you are done... buying a BMW and worry about cost of maintenance is not the way to go..also driving 35000 to 40000 km a year, premium gas will be expensive too unless yo can write off.

Happy shopping...

Fair enough. But you can't deny the fact that the 335 (ESPECIALLY the 2007) consistently tops the rankings of the most unreliable cars in North America.

It is just not worth the risk.. the odds of getting a good one for that little money are soooo slim that the risk is just not worth it in my opinion.

This guy seems like someone who is already tossing and turning over this decision and I can really see him regretting this in the future. Keep in mind that most of these 07's have been chipped for a long time and have been running consistent high levels of boost. I would not do it.

Even if I had all the cash in the world.. sitting in a dead car in the middle of the 401 in a winter snow storm because the HPFP has died.. having to pay thousands to fix it and knowing that this shit could happen again in a month makes it not worth it.

OP can do whatever he wants as most of us do, but it is just honestly a terrible idea.
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