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Sirex BS Ford puts in more hours than any of the members of City Hall,yes he does dumb things that the left would jump on.If he can only stop his damn football coaching,get a driver , stop being stubborn and start kissing asses of the left wing media like Miller was a pro at he do all right.He stared down the unions,he privatize the garbage pick up which they are doing a great job at,he can only compromise with the left on certain aspects of cutting cost he get re-elected again.Hes slowing cleaning up the metro housing mess,hes not providing money to pet projects and he locked up union demands for the next 4 years saving millions.Subway is the best for Toronto but funding them is a huge issue,I came back from Hong Kong/Japan vacation and subways rule these cities,they are clean,modern,on time and the retail space they build around these stations pays off the cost of building each station.I vote for Ford again and hope Chow goes down in flames if she runs,if she wins the tax payers in Toronto are screwed..
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