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What makes you think that though? Cops have always been corrupt. They have more power now yes, but they still can't pull any of the shit that goes down in lesser countries and we're certainly not heading in the direction of those extremes. Extreme situations such as the G8 are still miles away from cops having free reign to do whatever it is they wish, so no I will not concede that is the direction we're going.

I also don't think they're treated as the "top class", they're just good at covering up their tracks and getting away with a lot more than the average citizen simply because they're the ones who enforce the laws. Cops have always looked out for each other, again nothing new here. Discipline is horribly administered amongst cops, they really need to become much more strict with it. When the majority of cops are doing these things, or even a huge portion of them, then perhaps crying police state would be a little more acceptable...but they're not. For every cop acting illegally you have many many more doing their job properly.

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