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While I think being knowledgeable that these events go in is important, your last posting of a video titled police state goes a little far IMO. We have huge amounts of freedoms in Canada compared to the rest of the world, claiming otherwise almost seems disrespectful of those who'd love to live in the conditions we have, including our law enforcement. It's a stretch to claim that a society with strict law enforcement is a police state. True police states do exist throughout the world, and when you compare us to them the differences are monumental.

Claims of law enforcement being corrupt and more strict are nothing new, it's been this way for decades. It's just much easier to be aware of it now with media being so accessible. Are incidents increasing? Absolutely, post 9/11 saw the US introduce a whole slew of new bullshit laws. That translated into tighter regulations on Canadians thanks to Canada's Bush Jr. We've still got a long way to go however before you can cry police state and not be looked at as though you have horns.
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