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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
$24k isnt BAD but I would personally swallow hard knowing I was losing roughly $250-$300 a month in resale value alone and have a car in 4-5 years with over 200k and worth roughly $12k.

I would have to really like that car.

Myself I bough a e46 xi with 100k on it, loaded and near mint body for $13k with tax. I have spent $2500 roughly in 4 years on repairs and main. it now has 160k on it and worth roughly $9k.

So in 4 years I have spent $2500 + depreciation of $4k. $6k in 4 years = $125 a month. It isnt a turbo, has 100+ less hp but it is great year round and I am not losing a gaur. $300+ main. a month. Just sayin
All valid points as well. I'm currently searching for a vehicle as well. I'm torn between a 2010+ 135i or 128i (I miss my old e30). The 128i is cheaper, probably has less maintenance issues and overall cost will be less. After owning our Mazdaspeed3 and test driving a 135i, I love the speed and thrust of the turbo engine and in my mind, will be paying for something I ultimately want.

So ask yourself, are you willing to pay for something you think you'll like? Or buy something you know you'll like. Get the 335i you want. Just make sure you find yourself a deal that YOU think is best. Then enjoy the rest!
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