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Mini Project, E46 328CI

Hey everybody, my name is Ajith, I'm new to this forum but I thought I'd start a little write up as I go through this project so I could get some insights with the work I'm doing to the car.

So the project I'm undergoing is a 2000 E46 328CI that I got from my brother for free just because it needed a lot of work and he couldn't sell it for a decent price even if he sold it to a blind guy.

So lets start out with the good

-Body has zero rust
-Motor has low km
-Interior has no rips or cuts

now lets get to the bad

-Motor runs rough
-coolant leaks at the expansion tank
-oil leaks everywhere!
-VANOS rattle
-All four ABS speed sensors gone
-Tires are way past 0/32...
-Front bumper has damage
-Hood dented in a tiny bit, so kidney grills don't fit properly...

basically a lot of f***ed up stuff.

quite the light show...

Here you can see the front bumper damage and the hood damage.

and now the cars tucked away until parts start coming through.

I'll keep updating as I work on the car!
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