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$24k isnt BAD but I would personally swallow hard knowing I was losing roughly $250-$300 a month in resale value alone and have a car in 4-5 years with over 200k and worth roughly $12k.

I would have to really like that car.

Myself I bough a e46 xi with 100k on it, loaded and near mint body for $13k with tax. I have spent $2500 roughly in 4 years on repairs and main. it now has 160k on it and worth roughly $9k.

So in 4 years I have spent $2500 + depreciation of $4k. $6k in 4 years = $125 a month. It isnt a turbo, has 100+ less hp but it is great year round and I am not losing a gaur. $300+ main. a month. Just sayin
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