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The one where the fallen wires flip the guy right over in the middle of an intersection is crazy.

I imagine they have dashcams because of the prevalence of stuff like this: (not to mention ... you know, the stuff in the vid.)

People are a little less desperate here but there are still a lot of scammers out there. The blocked-left-turn scam (two cars, one parked near the entrance of a building who waves left-turners in before rushing forward to block entrance, when they stop because, wtf, a second car races out of nowhere to hit the now-stopped left-turner. First car disappears. Ta-da, you're at fault for an unsafe left turn...) or stuff as simple as rolling backwards from a stop and accusing somebody of rear-ending you... I'm sure you all remember the uproar in Toronto about that dude that got caught doing this a year or two ago.

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