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Originally Posted by silvia_drift View Post
Ouch Sharmz. I only wanted to know how to make my BMW spin through gears for low cost. It was a compliment, and you act like an ass. And to think, i was gonna throw on spacesavers and get a tune so I could be "dope". Bmwdouche for sure.

In response to your personal attack:
- I am your age
- living on your "own" is easy when your parents pay for your shit, must be real life
- getting credit from you is like getting the approval from a retarded kid, it doesn't mean shit
- your girlfriend makes more money than you. That super fast BMW you own must help you feel less emasculated right?

Go ahead bro. The natural progression of an ignorant individual like you is to insult either my family or appearance next .
You had to edit this post twice after you posted it?
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