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Exclamation Central Import is the worst

Hi everyone,

Do not do business with Central Import on King St downtown!

Darren at Alphawerx is the absolute best person to take your car to in the Markham/Scarborough area.

Here's my story:

I took my car after I purchased it to Central Import for a leak under the engine. Was quoted $900 for a new VCG, oil housing gasket, cabin filter (my request), and an oil change + oil. I thought it was steep but I also knew it was a BMW and what was I to expect?

Get the car the same day and was informed they replaced a pulley that was making noise (I never heard any noise at anytime during driving). With that - $1200 parts labor and tax inclusive. Not authorized or informed of at all - just handed the bill and explained after the fact. I felt sick to my stomach but also was okay knowing that I was taken care of and my car was good to go.

2 weeks later, I see a leak in the exact same area. This time I can tell it is a coolant leak. Take it in again - $840 to replace expansion tank + cap (surprise...), engine thermostat, transmission temperature sensor, upper rad hose, and coolant flush + coolant.

I though, not again...So, thanks to this forum I wise up and ask for parts so I can shop around and see if I can reduce some of the cost.

Here's the kicker: the guy get's confrontational with me for wanting specific information citing that it was against their company policy and that they will gladly give me my car keys back and that I should take my car somewhere else!

WTF! Fast forward, I heard a lot about RPM but it was further than I would like but was willing to take it in. Then I heard about Darren from Alphawerx...this guy is as good as they come - the most accommodating and friendliest humans I've ever dealt with. He assisted me with after-hours drop off of my car, provided an excellent breakdown of labour charges and allowed me to source my own parts to reduce my costs and to ship them to his shop to reduce the turn around time to get my car back. Turns out, after a coolant system pressure test, the only leak was from the expansion tank This saved me $500 and allowed me to give business to a business that deserves it.

tl;dr Went to Central Import and was treated like a walking ATM machine.

After, went to Darren at Alphawerx and was treated like a human being and saved $500.

I wanted to post this to not only shed light on Darren at Alphawerx but to also provide a warning for those considering Central Import. I would advise against it.

Thanks for reading and thanks also for the information on this board. It's helped me tremendously.
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