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photos or it didn't happen. that's what they used to say at least. most of
my friends and myself are constantly looking and bi-turbo bargains only exist
at japanese auctions if at all. i personally would prefer one from germany
anyways. and E32... really? let's not compare apples with oranges.

finding a used car that is a "perfect" match to somebody is close to impossible.
especially on a budget and with cars that old. in 99% of the cases you have to
make compromises. i want a red on tan M5 too (like most people) but color combos
that are popular cost way more. owners that drive those cars know what they have.
if this M5 would be red i'd tell my friend to start taking offers $20k and up any day...

it's not in a rush to sell this nice example of an M5 so there is no reason to give it away.
even $15k would be the low-end if he would be desperate to sell it which is not the case.

anyways, thanks for the input guys!
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