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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
The US part...who cares, really?
The accident part? How bad, what was replaced/repainted/claimed? To say "it had an accident, so we walked" is very silly if you haven't bothered to do the research.

People claim ANYTHING when they have no/low deductable and a newer car (or they just don't know better). A stone cracked headlight, a cracked bumper from bumping into a parking curb, side swiping the rear door in a parking garage, etc, all those are considered "claims or accidents" in Insurance's eye (or the adjusters doing it) and get recorded but it could mean nothing. Meanwhile, there are write offs that get privately repaired and people never know thinking they bought a "non accident car". I see it all the time.

Good luck, but do your research more thoroughly and don't focus so much on the nickles and dimes (obviously 14K is a large price difference) and when you see something, jump on it. People these days are so afraid of getting burned or overspending by a grand that they miss out on good cars because they take too long to think. Do your research before you go see the car, not after.
The US car was hit by a deer. It looked like it was put back together perfectly thb. But the payment $$ was not what we had in mind. So overall, we decided to pass up on the car.

We did do a lot of research but the choice to not get a vehicle is pretty big. We had a monthly budget that we want to stick with and know how much the car is worth ect. and based on those choices we made our final decision. It was just bad timing. I wanted to put some money down on the car and we had to contact Mazda Canada about our extended warranty (Our car vin# now has a 7r/160k attached to it) so we wanted to ask for 1k more for our car before trade-in.

I wish we had more time but we just recently moved from Ottawa back and still need address changes to complete the move. Hopefully during my searching we can find something we like but asking 14k more for almost the same vehicle, I just can't justify buying it. I could pay 27,28k for it but not 35k. The finances won't make much sense at that point.
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