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Originally Posted by Antonreality View Post
The high price is due to brand dealership which brings certain benefits like it's a actual BMW dealership, supposedly less hassles if you have issues with the car, they can offer as a BMW CPO, provide full disclosure about any accidents, have more staff on hand to service you, will follow BMW industry standards etc...

You just need to decide if any of that matters to you in your buying decision.

If you buy from a non BMW dealership, ask them if it was in a accident and then besides seeing the car report and checking out the car closely, get a BMW Inspection II for your self protection and piece of mind.

If you find they either didn't know it was in a accident or upon close examination notice alot of touch up was done, consider not buying it.

Be prepared to shell out some $ if the BMW inspection comes back with a laundry list of issues. Again, up to you to decide at this point.

CPO is not what it used to be. In the past they gladly replaced worn or near replacement needed parts such as breaks for just one example. Now a CPO inspection can pass with the bare minimum, that is disgusting and for extra "help" in the dealership they can keep their $10k over piced car.

So the truth is while you may sit your butt in a fancy chair and drink a coffee while they "help" weeks or months you can still see $$$$ repair or replacement bills. The only thing that fails an inspection and needs immediate replacing is on a car you didnt buy from them. Not all dealerships or all mechanics are like this but there seems to be a change happening.
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