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.: Four years and 100,000km of ownership and she's gone :.

I actually didn't think I'd ever sell the E46 given the tens of thousands of dollars in mods over the years, not to mention the costly 6spd swap and interior work this year only. But, I found one of my dream cars in the perfect color combination with all the right options and pedigree so it was time to make a move. I knew it wouldn't last long on the market and I'd regret it if I let it pass, so I pulled the trigger and had to move this one to make room.

Thankfully, the new owner of the E46 is mature and not some punk kid. Makes me feel good knowing she's gone to a good home... Buyer bought it sight unseen and picked up the car yesterday morning. Not surprised given I've spared absolutely no expense on maintenance and replaced virtually every wear and tear item (various bushings, engine accessories, etc - you name it) in the past 12 months...

Here's a shot of her as she stood on 18" CSLs (Thanks Trevor!) before leaving. She'll be missed, but I expect the replacement (to be revealed soon) to blow this one out of the water by spring.

Cheers to the end of an amazing chapter, and the start of a new one.

Many thanks to all the forum members that helped make ownership and modding my E46 an absolute pleasure.
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