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Originally Posted by lvan View Post
I am sure that he does not play by the rules how some big fish from Ottawa wants it. He said something like;"we got too many spoiled immigrants in here".. That's the problem right there because those guys from Ottawa wanna pack up as many as possible new commers here, but they want to leave the public transit as it was in the 1980s. Than they will just tell you something like ; " Toronto is a world class city"..... Yeah right... We don't even have the train link to our main airport... Come on man, I been to many former Soviet cities such as Budapest, BUCHAREST and so on, and we are way behind on the public transit... This city has become a joke one of a kind.

how does that have anything to do what Rob Ford is doing as a mayor?

like your talking about provincial government and federal and provincial funding. which has absolutely nothing to do what Rob Ford can do with the resources he has.

like its pathetic that your quoting what Rob Ford is saying rather than looking at what he is accomplishing... As a mayor. Not as a talk show host.
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