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Originally Posted by Barnsdale View Post
I started using Mac a couple years ago and I never had slowing down, or virus problems. I have no idea if this is correct but someone told me that Virus makers plan them for PC for whatever reason and not really for Mac, I don't know the logistics but I've never had a virus problem.

If you do have any warranty problems etc, it's so easy to fix because you just book a online appointment and they fix it right there on the spot or give you a new one - that's probably what I like best in terms of piece of mind. And you can also sign up for free lessons on how to use the Mac and make use of its programs etc. Very good for beginners owning one.

They are a bit more expensive but 100% worth it and since the quality is good you can find awesome deals on Kijiji on mint condition ones still under warranty and have piece of mind.
That is pretty much a fallacy these days. Due to increase in sales of popular iOS and Android platforms, Malware writers specifically target these 2 platforms these days. Most Malware today is NOT designed to disable a computer but more designed for spyware/bot functionality. Years ago, Windows was the target and disruptions were the intent, but today it's all about stealing data and controlling your device for financial gain at some point.
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