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Vendor/pricing recomendation

Just an idea, if any vendor would want to step up to the plate and offer "very rough" ballpark pricing on certain projects.

There are plenty of project being spearheaded by Toronto's most recognized BMW specialty shops (Stance, RMP, BImmersport etc).

There IS a market for engine swaps, and custom fab on older cars (e30, e32, e34, e36 etc)

my question is, would there be a possibility to have a type of chart on what to expect if you have letsay a e30, and want a engine swap with M50, M52, s50, S52 etc along with tranny options along with it...

kind of like a "turnkey ready" price.

I do understand there are tremendous variables at play when it comes to these swaps, however there can likely be a basemap point to a "minimum" expected cost associated considering the shop will provide the engine/*tranny/mounts etc etc etc.
*swap specific or prefered.

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