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Originally Posted by Slowered318 View Post
The Maxbimmer (car club) vocation seems to be replaced by "social networking", I honestly hate social networking. I would rather read/search BMW stuff and make jokes then repetitive baby pictures on Facebook. Maybe people are just growing up around me, moving on? They seem to have the same amount of time to waste reading tweets and timelines, so I don't really "follow" it? Things have really changed, back then if you said something ignorant you would get called out or a complaint would go to some guy sitting in his parents basement... not the authorities. Oh well, I still work on my car from time to time - usually consists of opening the hood, looking at the motor, sip a beer and scratch my ass.
This is spot on for pretty much all forums. They are ALL dead/dying. Its sad.
But kids these days have zero attention span to read more than a tweet and/or facebook blurb.

good old fashioned flamewars/arguing/debates... aint no one got time for that!

Maybe we are getting old but forums had something going 10 yrs ago.
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