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Originally Posted by ericdalinda View Post
Sirex you posted an article regarding rob ford leaving council.. really displaying is absenteeism.

You know the day of Halloween council debated for 3 full hours on when they should call it a day for Halloween?

Should we take lunch? Half hour lunch? 1 hour lunch? A motion to work through till 6?
This process took 3 hours.
When rob ford got back from his coaching (something not one politician does by the way) he worked... and he worked hard too.

The media obviously doesn't report when rob ford stays at the office for 15+ hours speaking to individuals regarding what should be done with the city.

You don't read about it, like BigD said your a lemming you read what the media tells you and you suck it up like a thirsty dog.

Lol, it's well documented that he left during an important issue regarding metrolinx. Whether you know what metrolinx means for the city of Toronto or not, I don't know.. But it's a pretty big deal.

But hey, you know whats funny, that MR Ford campaigned hard against the gravy train. Those fat councilors using the CITIES money for their own things... Meanwhile MR Ford goes and does exactly WHAT HE CAMPAIGNED to put an end too.

Is MR Ford above us? Above trhe average man? above the other people?
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