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RMP Motors for my M3....
Although I’ve owned a BMW for 26 years, I’m a newbie to maXBimmer forums, but wanted to share my story with everyone.
Two weeks ago, I was told by a BMW dealership ( will stay anonymous for now ) in the GTA ( Toronto ) my entire SMG transmission on my 2002 E46 M3 required replacing because the actuator wasn’t working and was the cause of skipping gears ( 2nd to 5th ), and that part wasn’t sold separately. They said it could also be the “Gear Selection Sensor” and gave me a $10,554.20 ( excluding labour ) estimate for a complete SMG replacement. They also gave me an estimate for a new clutch ( $2,990.75, excluding labour ) they recommended replacing since the transmission is already out. I was absolutely livid... and told them to forget it ( among other words ). Can’t tell how being hit with a $15,000 estimate to fix your car feels.....
After hearing about RMP Motors on various forums, I took my car to Rocco for a 2nd opinion and gave him the “Operating Report” ( fault report ) I paid $150 for at this dealership. Before Rocco even test drove the car, he said, “From the report, it looks like it needs the sensor and a tranny learning procedure”. Well, that was it ! Rocco saved me at least $12,000 either by the loss of trade in value, or spending the money at the dealership for nothing.
How a dealership could so grossly misdiagnose an SMG issue, is completely unacceptable. I’ve also sent BMW Canada a registered letter informing them they are ripping off customers.
To anyone who is bringing their non-warranty work to any dealership, do so at your own risk. They’ll never see me again. I have a technical background, so it didn’t “smell” right to me for a tranny with less 90,000 KM needed to be replaced under normal use.
I’ll be taking my M3 to RMP Motors without hesitation from now on. Rocco knows BMWs...
I`ll post back when/if I get a reply from them.
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