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The Fisker is the most beautiful sedan out there IMHO. The shape, the materials, the build quality is spectacular. But then again Fisker coachworks makes some incredible product too. Car has really good acceleration, its fast, smooth and effortless and that interior! It's s responsible car too, reclaimed wood, recycled materials and hydes from naturally deceased cattle. I've heard some are selling for as low as US$90K, which is a smoking deal, I'd like to throw an LSX376 with a pair of snails.

I went to visit my boy at to drive a Gallardo Superleggera and a F430 Scuderia. But... they just got a McLaren and let me and E30_Girl play with it instead. 616hp model has all kinds of jam over a wideband all the up to 8500rpm... from a 3.8L V8. It is mega fast, neutral and connected. So much so, it feels like a video game. All my cars are quick around the track too but I'm fighting them every second to do it, slamming gears and correcting. The MP4-12C just does whatever you ask of it. It lives up to the hype.

When we flipped off traction control (yeah why not) I got it to step out but it is so effortless to snap it back in line. I passed so many supercars out there, granted some were more rookie drivers but also on the straights at WOT too. It was just cool to blaze past 458s, Superleggeras and GT3RS like nothing.

For sure best part of SEMA is after when you can actually drive cars haha. Too bad I missed the Super Lap Battle time attack at Buttonwillow this year. Maybe next year?!
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