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New E60 owner

Just picked up an 07 525i with 95km. First time BMW owner.

Car had a couple issues. Had a small leak which was fixed by replacing the oil cooler gasket.

Got all the fluids changed, my indy put in 6.5 liters of liqui molly engine oil. Had never heard of this oil. indy said its one of the best oils for BMW. any opinion on this oil ?

Car had a rough idle, the RPMs would jump up and down and even stalled on red lights a few times. Car was showing check engine light, got it scanned and it was the MAF. indy said instead of replacing it for 250$ right away, should go ahead and clean it with a MAF cleaner. erased the check engine light cleaned the MAF and put it back in and the car. problem solved. car has been smooth with no issues for a week.
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