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Originally Posted by e30svp View Post
Just to confirm: there were both 325i and 325is coupes in Canada that year?
Yes, they also did come with non-lsd diffs. But as others have said, it's an easy change.

$5.8k for a stock motor e30 is definitely on the high side, but given the low mileage and if it is in mint shape with original paint and no rust, the price can be justified because they are almost impossible to find in such shape.

Be careful and check all the facts, confirm the mileage and maintenance records. Things like if the motor was rebuilt or if it was repainted definitely de-value the car and can be used to talk the price down. Personally I don't attach much value to pain jane e30s, unless it's a late model 325is/318is with all options, imported euro bumper car or m-tech 2 it shouldn't fetch such premium IMO, atleast I wouldn't pay it, but it seems that others will, which is why the e30 market is such a crazy one.
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