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Originally Posted by Robb View Post

Time to check my lotto max

Money comes and goes, 2 mint EVO III's dont !!!!!!

btw, this one is in Etobicoke, registered under Eurospec imports LTD
Yup, that link, IIRC is the previous owner of the car before it was imported and sold through Willz. Although the new owner asked to remain anonymous, wasn't the word around the campfire that he is a surgeon from somewhere north of the GTA?

Also, the person above who made the comment about the muscle cars has a very good point which comes into question for me as well. Classic muscle cars routinely command these prices and let's face it, what have they really done? If we look at the racing pedigree and what it takes to define a true collectors sports automobile, I think the Sport Evos are certainly worth their weight in gold. Obviously there are some people who are bias towards these cars, and I admit I am one of them. For that reason, if I was rich enough, this would be a no brainer purchase for me ( Brilliantrot please ). This is the most successful racing car on any continent in the history of automobiles, no other manufacture can lay stake to that claim... let's let that sink in fellas .

The "collector" car market has been steadily increasing, and in numerous cases leaping ahead in recent years. At the higher end, prices have gone up 50%-100%, a perfect example being early 911s & Carrera RS's. I saw the sale of two early 911's recently in west Germany, and admittedly not being too well versed in the early 911 or early Porsche market value scene, I was still amazed when I saw the asking prices. Even more so to see that they sold with very little effort. Numerous older Porsches, some Benzes, Dinos, Iso Grifos, F40s, Jaguars, AM's etc. have shot up in price within the collector car market. Granted, these cars are all in different classes, or better put, spectrums of appeal. Many "newer" classics have not headed north yet, but in the case of the above examples, many of them were $40-80k cars within the last decade and now they are pretty much all well into the 6-figure range. There's an old saying that a rising tide lifts all boats.

That being said, if you look at the 1980's there aren't that many cars that have a devotional following, visible impact, drivers connection, and perhaps most importantly - historical importance - like the E30 M3.

Another interesting angle to look at it from, and this is just more food for thought; perhaps to help develop this interesting discussion, is that BMW M Motorsports is arguably the most decorated motorsports division of any automobile manufacturer. In that case, we are here discussing what many consider to be the most prominent piece of M Motorsport history and the pinnacle of their achievements.

Cliffs notes: My gosh I love these cars lol.. and older BMWs in general.
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