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Originally Posted by RedKing View Post
After much searching I finally found an e30! its a 1989 325i with just over 203,000kms I picked up from Ottawa. I just have a few questions:

-the last owner did a lot of work on the car but didn't get around to doing the timing belt, from what I have read the Bentley manual will take me through this process ->what is the best place to order the timing belt kit?
(I will also be replacing the waterpump and aux belts while im at it)

-I will also need to do an oil change soon and wanted to change the tranny fluid, my brother has a membership with Amsoil and can get a discount, has anyone had any experience with Amsoil? Or have any other recommendations?

-Anything else I should look out for?

Thanks for the input!!!
First thing I would do is the timing belt, aux belts and waterpump. Otherwise you're driving a potential time bomb. Since you don't know if and when it was changed your taking your chances.
try they have good reasonable prices and can get your parts to you in about 3-5 bus days.

do an oil service and maybe do a coolant flush but not urgent.
suspension isn't necessary if it's good. my 325is has great suspension with 236k on the body. just changed the rears recently. easy to check just depends on how picky you are.

I would check the rear parking brakes and do a once over on the brake to make sure if they need changing. if the car was sitting rest assured most probably does.

check control arm bushing, crossmember mounts, swaybar links -check for leaky pwer steering hoses. also change your rad hoses if they feel somewhat soft.

you should be fine after that.

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