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Ya ill get it over to Bimmersport asap.

You hit my concern on the head, that I may as well re/re motor if anything substantial was wrong. I know I may be jumping to conclusions and such... I was just preparing for the worst.

Buuuutttt -- as much as the motor may have issues, it doesn't stop there. The body specifically front end isn't in great shape... So much that I would value Ye potential sale value of the car at under 5-6k with full disclosure and the accident history.

With that valuation, is a new motor really gonna be cost-effective? Even smaller just doing the HG? Plus after all that in the next year or two I predict the front end will need to be re-sprayed, which means ill probably want to do the whole car...

Annnnndddd... I've always wanted to import an Evo lol

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