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I agree with the above, a few other things to look at first but 2L in 3 weeks, high side my frined.

If you find a mixing and believe it is a head gasket, you mine as well just swap the motor. These heads are not forgiving and when looking at pricing, if it is truly blown a gasket due to over heating and the head warped, youre screwed. Now since you are not showing any other signs like smoke, excessive over heating etc it is possibly not the case at all.

You have to dig a little deeper here, if you cannot get to a shop to solve the issue or look into it...syphon your reservoir coolant into a clear plastic bottle, if the mixing is bad enough you will clearly see oil in it.

You can have the basics touched on first, flush the rad, look at hoses, fix the oil leak that may exist somewhere else and so on but its all $$$$... is the car really that bad of shape youd just dump it?

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