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Hey Dave, fancy meeting you here!

I thought I'd test the waters to see what other BMW members are looking for. I want to move on to something a little more turn-key performance wise, without the hassle of maintaining such a particular vehicle. As you know, the receipts to that I have for purchases and maintenance is staggering, but apparantly that only seems to matter to a select few...

It wasn't serialed DINAN car, only the engine mods and were. Suspension and other upgrades were done profesionally, but not through DINAN.

It's for sale to the right person at the right price, but for 12 g's, it ain't going anywhere!

I still have it on the road, with the garage full of bins from the basement reno...

It sounds like your car is very clean, I'd like to see it to give me that extra encouragemment to "hold on"!

I got my DINAN badge with the all the points for the engine upgrades. They keep a record of the car and will issue you the badge if you request.

Are you looknig or the badge? I may have one....
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