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M54 runnin a tad warm!

So I looked at my cluster water temp last night on my way home (10 min hwy drive) and noticed it creeping over the "perfect half way" point that I'm used to seeing. I could get it back to normal-ish when coasting at red lights and blowing hot air on full-- although it's hard to tell with those stupid gauges with no stupid markings on them.

Checked my coolant (hot) at home and was full, rechecked this morning (cold) and put maybe 50ml of water in and it was full :s

My motors also been...consuming oil for a while, which AFAIK is pretty normal for m54s.... Except that I put 2 litres in it after not checking it for maybe 3 weeks. While topping up the oil last night I noticed a load of residue on the underside of my oil cap that appeared to be coolant. As far as I can tell there's no oil in the coolant but ill have to check later to be sure.

Sooooo-- head gasket? boo... So much oil in the coolant passages they've clogged? :s

I wouldn't be as depressed about this except that due to the number of times my cars been smashed, it's not worth dirt now and if the HG job is $$$, it may be worth it to just move on to my next car *tear

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