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That code is common when the car detects a lean or rich condition, what it points to is what we have already discussed above like vac leak, maf, TB etc and including an O2 sensor but not for sure as again could be other things and not the 02.

Bottom line car is runing rich or lean and with a simple volt check of the TPS you can rule out the TB Better yet take theTB off and inspect it and clean it, look for flat spots on the rod. Nothing but time and some cleaner involved.

I am sure a mechanic would do that check for a minimal fee and considering you have yet to find the issue it may just be the TB or 02...while your in a shop get the data on the MAF while running, that too could cause the issue and in about 5 minutes if you were near me I could hook up the vedis and see what type of MAF number you are showing.

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