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Originally Posted by SubDad View Post
Hey, SickFinga I get what you're saying but believe it or not it's easier at the moment for me to get to Ogdensburg USA on a Saturday than to the dealer on a working weekday.

Dealer said 10 to 15 working days, Bav says the same and I'll bet a doughnut they'll come in cheaper and they'll keep sending me their wish book, too. Last time I was at the dealer they really didn't want to talk to me. And to think they were my first real job!
Makes sense

Originally Posted by SubDad View Post
12/85 or 1/86: according to RealOEM and the web in general the colour my car is painted and the stuff it has in it don't exist in 1/86, but the car in my garage disagrees.
I think it was built over the Christmas break and shipped to Yugoslavia/Serbia because the Commies (well, OK, non-aligned) would never notice. Or maybe it's a special Eastern Bloc setup?

Richie: I'll send an email.
What's the VIN of your car?
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