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Telus Business Plan - $350 Credits for porting/switching

I recently switched from Rogers to Telus after 10+ years with Rogers. I used to have a good plan with rogers but after my last HUP the dumbass rep didn't renew my credits and rogers retention didn't seem to want my business anymore, so I made the switch.

Plan Details
350 Daytime Mins.
1000 Local Incoming Mins.
Unlimited WK/WE @6pm
6GB Data / Unlimited Text

$57+tax no service fee

Decent plan, not the best, but recently rogers retention haven't been offering as good deals as they used to. If you have a better plan with rogers stick with it. This is a good deal for people who don't have a good retention plan from before.

Now the better part of the deal. $350 credit for switching/porting your number from another provider. (Covered my $200 cancellation fee)
PLUS $100 off an iPhone 5

$450 in credits for switching

Normally you need to activate two phones to get this deal, but I have a contact in the Telus business department that will do it for 1 line. It is a business line, but you don't need anything to qualify, you just say you own your own small business, you don't need a business name. (Sole Proprietorship)

Offer expires Nov.5th, PM me your email address if you are interested and i'll forward you the .pdf with plan details and his contact info.
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