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Originally Posted by SubDad View Post

Parts I (was) looking for are (were)

Hose from Upper rad to Thermostat: 11531708826 This number appears on the actual hose, which is convenient! The dealer said that there are four of these hoses at the factory. (4!, gettem while they're hot!))
So get it. I don't understand why you would bother with the bavauto when most likely they are getting it from the same place. You will have to wait for it longer too.

Originally Posted by SubDad View Post
As long as the hose above needs replacing, I’ll replace also:

Lower Rad to Thermostat: 11531278925
Thermostat to Water Pump 11531265448 This hose changes mysteriously in the era 1985-1986.

And I'll order thermostat housing parts which show common part numbers on RealOEM, so no issue there. One issue I do have with Real OEM, or perhaps BMW, is that the parts diagram doesn't match reality; it's a bit non-predictably schematic.

The build date of the car comes up on RealOEM as 1/86 but it seems like the break between 'old 1985' and 'new 1986' was more of an evolution than a sudden break.
There is no mystery really. If you car has a 1/86 build date then you need parts that match your build date.

It looks like Mayle makes aftermarket rad hoses for your car. Here they are with photos if you don't like the BMW's schematics.

11531708826 -

11531278925 -

11531265448 -
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