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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
If you have a decent plan just stick with Bell until you need a phone. Then start shopping around for a better deal. The longer you wait the better phone you'll get as they are always comin out with new phones.
My plan comes out to $38 incl tax, and this is what I get;

-250 or 300 daytime (not sure 100%)
-Caller ID
-Some long distance
-Unlimited texting for local
-200 overseas text
-No data at all

The other day I played with my buddies' Samsung S3 that he just got, and I am not sure if it is much better over my old HTC Desire Z to justify the 3 year term or 7 bills. The Android is not much faster that he has on the S3. I mean it's a nice phone, but not worth $700 or 3 year term when my phone serves me well. On top of that, with all android apps, I don't think I got bored of my phone, and it's two years old...
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