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You know what really frosts my pumpkin about this whole ordeal? No?

Well, I'll tell ya...
I let somebody else change my timing belt and the hose failed at what really, really looks to me and to others like a tool mark. The hose didn't burst, it failed along the length of the hose, the failure is fairly straight and is at an angle to the hose surface.

I see on the wisdom of the web that BMW factory hoses are weak, but I think those hoses were changed when the car came to Canada from Serbia 4 years ago. (Along with everything else made of rubber.)

Grump, grump, grump.

Besides, I'd just fixed the "Reverse Light Blows Fuse 10" problem and the car was going strong.
And... I was going to spend the money those hoses are going to cost getting the injectors cleaned. Prob'ly do that anyway.

Oh well.
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